Plant Varieties:

We offer hundreds of different varieties of trees and shrubs, but specialize in the following types:


Dwarf, Grafted Blue Spruce - "Baby Blue", "Baker", "Hoopsii", "Fat Albert", "Globosa", "Montgomery"


Evergreen Conifers -  "Green Giant" Arborvitae, "American Pillar" & "Emerald Green", Norway Spruce, White Pine


Dwarf Grafted Japanese Red Maples - "Bloodgood", "Ever Red", "Crimson Queen",  "Laceleaf" and "Cutleaf"


Evergreen Red-berried Hollies - "Nellie Stevens", "Miss Helen", "Satyr Hill", and other varieties of Ilex "Opaca"


Winterberry Holly - "Winter Red" & "Maryland Beauty"   (spectacular red berries lasting through the entire winter)


Boxwoods - "Winter Gem", "Winter Green", "Fastigiata"   (Deer-resistant, Winter-hardy, compact evergreen shrubs)


Dogwoods - Chinese "Kousa", "Satomi", "Cherokee Chief", "Rubra"


Fragrant Flowering Magnolias - "Ann", "Sweet Bay", "Jane", "Royal Star", "Little Gem", "Butterflies"


Hawthorne Tree - "Winter King", "Washington"   (attractive red-berried tree, winter-hardy)


Japanese Snowbell - "Styrax Japonicus"    (beautiful, pendulous, fragrant bell-shaped flowers)


Maple Trees - "Sun Valley", "Brandywine", "Somerset"   (seedless hybrid Maple trees - no messy "helicopters")


Oak Trees - "Chestnut Oak", "Sawtooth Oak", "Northern Red Oak", "Wye Oak", "Pin Oak", and "White Oak"


Yew Bushes - Upright "Erecta Hilli" and Upright "Hicksii" (great for screening & hedges)




Best Evergreens for Privacy Screens & Windbreaks -  "Green Giant" Arborvitaes, "Emerald Green" Arborvitaes,

"American Pillar" Arborvitaes, "Nellie Stevens" Holly, American Holly, Norway Spruce, Yews, and Fastigiata Boxwoods


Pin Oaks at sunset on the farm

Terra Tree Farm Sykesville, MD